Smart Executives take Smart decisions. But Smart decision needs Accurate Data!!

Syscon Cronus is the blue-chip & most comprehensive low cost Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software of Syscon, focused for Manufacturing and Large Trading Enterprises, for over 2 decades. Now ready with GST version.

Apart from standard Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Accounting, the Industries are looking for advanced features like Multi-location, CRM, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Services, Multi-level BOM (version control), Sub contracts (Job Work), MRP, Batch /Route-card, Process, WIP (consumption & rejections), Scheduling, Costing, QC, Maintenance & Payroll for Smart & Quick decision making.

Last but not the least, Ready-to-use & Low cost ERP system with short implementation cycle & Long-term support.



“Syscon Cronus is  proud to be the #1 ERP vendor, under Digital MSME scheme”.

A Golden opportunity for Indian MSMEs to embrace ERP. The price starts @ Rs.1,350/U/Mo with Rs.1 Lac subsidy & go-live in 2 weeks.

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Industry Verticals

Manufacturing & Trading

Pharma, API & Bulk drugs

Rubber, Plastics, Dyes & Chemicals

Engineering, Aerospace & Automobile

Fire-extinguishers, Safety & Security products

Electrical & Electronics

Trading & Distribution

Why Syscon Cronus - ERP?

Ready & Start for free

Feature rich & GST Ready ERP solution. 2 users free. Low-cost with MSME subsidy.

Fast Implementation

On-line support with Data migration tools. Go-live within 2 weeks.

Long-term support

2 decades of expertise & commitment. Consultants with Industry experience.



We are inspired to create “Smart Digital Enterprises”.

The Enterprise and Auditors has be part of a single real-time ERP system to achieve business growth and compliance.

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CIO Review


“We wish to thank CIO review for featuring Syscon as one of the “20 Most promising ERP solution providers 2016” in India”

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