Syscon Cronus is the blue-chip & most comprehensive low cost Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software of Syscon, focused for Manufacturing and Large Trading Enterprises, for over 2 decades. Now ready with our GST version.

In a fast & competitive environment added with tight economical situation, right data at the right time is non-negotiable.

Enterprises know this fact. But the Cost and Complexity of the ERP Software is holding back them from adopting it.

Are you looking for a  Right-Fit ERP?

Reasons for lesser ERP adoption:

  • Too costly
  • Too complex (has many features that was not need, still pay for it)
  • Too much of Customisation (did not had necessary features, still pay and wait for it)
  • Too long to implement (both users and management lost interest)
  • Too big AMC (so can not afford for upgrades)
  • Too much of time and money is lost with no tangible results
  • ROI has become a distant dream

Limitation with Accounting Packages:

  • Does not have all features of the enterprise
  • Many transactions are in manual documents
  • Some data in XL and word documents
  • No real-time data
  • No proper MIS, hence no proper decision making
  • Day-to-day fire-fighting due to data confusions

You are at the right place if you are:

  • Looking for a Low Cost & feature rich ERP, since your Enterprises has outgrown your Accounting Package.
  • Struggling with big ERP and looking for alternate ERP.
  • On a look out of ERP with GST version ready.

Start 2 users for free and go-live in 2 weeks. If you want to know how we do it?

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Why Syscon Cronus?

Ready & Start for free

Ready-to-use ERP solution with GST. Start using our ERP for free.

Fast Implementation

Go-live within 2 weeks. Longer the implementation, lesser the success.

Long-term support

We have mastered this art in the last 2 decades as a trusted ERP vendor for many Enterprises.

CIO Review


“We wish to thank CIO review for featuring Syscon as one of the “20 Most promising ERP solution providers 2016” in India”

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