Secret for successful ERP implementation

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Is your Enterprise carrying the ERP or the ERP is carrying your enterprise? ERP is like a Car and Implementation is driving. So any tampering will lead to accident. Making of car is a design and creativity oriented, while the driving needs skill and focus.  A combination Robust car with safe & skilful driving will deliver a memorable travel experience.  It is a…

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Smart ERP back office for Auditors (CAs)

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For a very long time now, the Manufacturing MSMEs in India on the data front has been working with approximation in the absence of  proper IT solution. GST is compelling the Manufacturing Industry to build a transparent, accurate transaction data on a daily basis for the compliance. The other challenge is that the Manufacturing MSMEs does not have access for the professional…

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Why ERP ROI is quietly forgotten?

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Casually I was searching for “ERP ROI” in google. To my utter surprise, my observations are as follows: It were all very old articles. (May be no one is talking about ROI of ERP now.) Found some ERP calculation methods. Many were written by ERP consulting firms. Found couple of ERP vendors who have provided some theoretical parameters on this topic…

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ERP for manufacturing Industries

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Across many Enterprise verticals, Manufacturing Industries has one of the most complex set of business requirements. Indirectly this would be the main reason for the manufacturing industries to automate their business process through an effective ERP system. But in reality, it is surprising to note that many manufacturing industries does not have ERP systems. The following are the disadvantage for…

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