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We were trying in google “ERP for Trial” Our observations on the top 10 sites are as follows:

1. Almost all of them are offering only 30 days trial
2. All well known big names.
3. Some of the sites are taking to their demo page.
4. Many with limited licenses
5. One company takes it to CRM trial page (though it said ERP)
6. We could not find the full terms and conditions for the Free ERP trial.
7. One ERP vendor in their registeration page is asking do you have Implementation partner? May be software will be free, but implementation is chargeable. You can check this out by yourself.

Here is the ERP system that offers ERP for FREE trial version that includes…

1. 45 days of trial: We fell 30 days will be too short to try an ERP system. 45 days will be a good enough time to complete all the support process as well a enough free run time to test the solution. Since we can role out the system within 2-3 weeks of time, the users will have enough time to left to have a free run to evaluate the system.
2. Modules of your choice : The critical business process for different Enterprise will vary from one another. So the enterprise can feel free to choose the scope of business process or modules that they want to try.

3. Unlimited users : This will help the all the relevant users to have a feel and take the ownership of the solution.
4. Support: ERP without support like Training, Implementation, Data migration and hand-holding for go-live will of no meaning.

As you know, unless the ERP is industry ready this can not be offered. Many of the ERPs has to under go customisation even for the standard features. That makes the ERP adoption complex.

Your present IT infrastructure:

Almost all the enterprises have some IT infrastructure. We will try to use same for this trial period to ensure that no additional cost is incurred.

How to make ERP successful?

In a successful ERP implementation, the first portion is Industry ready ERP ssytem and competent ERP consultants. At Syscon, we have that in place. The next is the Comitted user and the management team from the Enterprise.

Who can benefit from this?

1. The Small companies who are worried about ERPs price, complexity, not sure about their users competency, support from ERP vendors.

2. Companies who have invested in an ERP system and have failed.

3. Auditors: After GST, the need for compliance has increased and the time available for the data for filing the returns is just 30 days. With this ERP trial offer, they can go seamless with their clients on a single system. They can access the real-time financial data. As the system is fully configured with all GST rules, the quality and accuracy of data will be perfect.

4. Industry consultants: Any consulting service needs data for analysis. They can recomed their clients enterprises to try for this solution.

5. ERP consultants: You can help the struggling MSMEs to try for this solution. After the trial period when the clients move on the paid model, you can earn your revenue share.

6. Vendor development and Materials Management professionals: Large corporates will have their ERP system their in place. But their vendor and SME supplier can not afford for an ERP. This offer can help them to go end-to-end digital. This will in-turn will improve their service levels for the large corporates.

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The Author of this article is S Vijay Venkatesh – MD & CEO of Syscon. The views expressed are personal.


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