Big ERPs must be loosing lots of deals due lower budgets of the clients.

Hello Institutions and individuals dealing with Big ERPs,

Many growing SME manufacturing industries are looking for ERPs. But they can’t afford for large ERP systems as well as handle its complexity and delayed implementation cycles. But they need many of the features that these big ERPs offers.

Lot of Sales team leads will be sitting in the their cold list due to budget constraint.

Small Accounting packages. some of your clients are suffocating and looking for low cost ERPs.

Hello Institutions and Individuals dealing with Small accounting packages.

Many growing Manufacturing SMEs using the Accounting Packages must be getting suffocated as their size of operations are growing. All said and done the Accounting pacakges (though named as ERP) does not capture all the data of all the business functions of the entire operations. Also they are willing to spend extra money for a true ERP system with rich features and easy to implement.

Syscon Cronus is a right-fit ERP, that fits between the Big and Small. Let’s discuss the potential opportunity.



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