It is all the most beaten words People, Process and Technology. I am going to present one simple component of it and most simple aspect of it. The People..

Having selected the right ERP system, right IT infrastructure and funds for the rest of the project, the ERP success depends on the trouble is from the smartest people and very slow people. But my analogy on this point is as follows:

Insecurity syndrome

The Smartest people will understand the system in no time and they are the people who will feel that the good IT solution is a competition for them and they will try to prove the system wrong. They tend to misuse the system and keep loading the features to make the customization never ending. They will try to take a good name from the organization head that they are trying to get the best out of the system, but on the other hand they make so much of scope creep. On the other hand they work like hard-core testers (Manual, Black-box, regression testing etc.,) to work on all possible ways on one screen to get as many bugs as possible just to prove a point. These people will look from a very narrow perspective that they never even admit that an ERP system:

  • can help the organization to serve their customers better
  • Organisation can save money by better working capital management
  • Can improve inter departmental data sharing and reduce data redundancy

These too smart people are like a land-mine, they keep looking for an opportunity to blow-up the system.

Fear Syndrome

The Slow people will take a long time to understand to understand and settle down on the system. Since they do not understand as to how the system works, they keep asking the same question several time and they are shit-scared to give a sign-off. They keep telling that the training given to them is not adequate. This will delay the project and other business functions dependent on such people also cannot go live due to these people. But these slow people, once understand the system, they will work very peacefully.

Note for CEOs

Most of the CEOs are generally worried about the slow learners, but the real problem lies with their most intelligent people, which would block the success of ERP implementation. I jovially have told many CEOs, when they say that do not have well qualified people in their company…

  • If you a intermediate failed staff, we can implement ERP in 3 weeks
  • If you have graduates, the implementation may take 3 months
  • If you have Post graduates, IITs and IIMs it may take 3 years + to implement the system.

 I am in no way against the smart people. I am only against their smartness not being used towards right purpose and to deliver desired larger benefits of the ERP project.

I am very sure that many ERP consultants will agree with my point of view.

To design and manufacture a car we need best of the brains but not for driving the car..


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