Most of the organisation uses some Accounting package, that pretty much stream lines their Accounting, Statutory Auditing and helpful for filing VAT & other statutory Tax returns. That is the good news.

Does anyone in the Operation (or) Management team member use the accounting software for any day-to-day decision making? No. That is a bad news.

But beyond accounting scope, the Sales & Operation functions that are covered in the Accounting packages are not good enough. So the users are forced to maintain manual documents. That makes the Sales & Operations a real nightmare. The following are the common challenges faced:

  • Response to Customers
  • Inventory control
  • Purchasing decisions
  • Control on Planning & Production
  • Costing

To start with, that is the area Syscon wish to address. Look at this following scope:

  • Sales & Distribution with Accounts Receivable (AR) :
    • Enquiry, Offer, Sale Order Management
    • Production slip, Packing Slip, Invoice
    • Sale & Receipt voucher with advance adjustments and debtor outstanding statements.
  • Purchase & Inventory with Accounts Payable (AP ): 
    • Purchase Indent, Purchase Order
    • GRN, QC Acceptance with Inventory statements.
    • Purchase & Payment Voucher with advance adjustments with Creditor statements
    • Material Requisition and Issues
  • Planning
    • Bill of Material
    • Production Plan & Allocation ( integrated with Sale order, FG Inventory)
    • Material Requirement Plan (MRP) (integrated with Sale order, Inventory and Purchase orders) with Auto Purchase Indent generation
  • Production
    • Batch sheet (Integrated with Production plan of Planning) with Auto Material requisition to Inventory
    • Work in Progress tracking (with option to change the BOM quantity to track additional or lower consumption)
    • Production Slip (integrated to Sales & Distribution)
    • Production Rejections
  • Costing 
    • Standard BOM Costing
    • Batch wise variance between Standard and Actual (both quantity and value)

Apart from the above, Syscon also has other modules like Plant maintenance, Quality Control, Payroll and Financial Accounting.

Wish you a successful ERP implementation, leading to Improved efficiency, profitability and productivity for your organisation.


  1. Let the accounting software continue
  2. Do step by step. First implement the critical scope then move to another.
  3. Never take-up the scope if the users are ready to use the system
  4. Make sure that the management team to review regularly till the system is put into effective use.
  5. Most importantly, let all the users and management team  refer to the ERP reports on their own.

Advantage Syscon:

  1. 20 years of support guarantee
  2. Full features ready on day-one
  3. 100% remote implementation with Data migration support
  4. 2 users FREE forever (only Training & Implementation need to be paid)
  5. Other Premium models FREE for 21 days
  6. Please checkout the pricing page for more details

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