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Syscon Cronus is a homegrown Made-in-India Plug & Play (Commercially available off-the-shelf – (COTS) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. It is focused on various verticals of Manufacturing Industries, with 25 years of razor-sharp product approach. Now it is GST-ready and with the audit trail.

Being a COTS ERP system it helps in shorter implementation cycles, affordable with assured Long-term support. 

As a result, robustness, user acceptance  ROI, and success are guaranteed.

Who do we serve?

Manufacturing Industries that are:

1. Looking to upgrade from Accounting software to an end-to-end ERP system.

2. Stuck with partially implemented large ERP system due to cost and time overrun.

3. Struggling with ERP systems that do not provide proper upgrade and support.

wrong selection of manufacturing ERP?

Top 4 ERP selection mistakes and the solution

Why Syscon?

Vision: The product approach with one codebase to all customers makes the deployment & support easy, quick, and affordable.

Extensive Configuration: Many industry-specific features are just a click away. Reduces the need for customisation.

Shorter implementation cycle: This will assure successful implementation.

Affordable cost: This is most important for ROI.

Online Support: Faster implementation & resolution and no geographic barrier.

Support Guarantee: 25 years of razor-focused existence with customers over 2 decades of regular support & upgrades.

How to Implement ERP within 4 weeks?


After all, ROI on ERP does not come when you buy it. It only comes when it gets fully implemented successfully.

Syscon adapting work-from-anywhere


“Since 01/04/2019, much before COVID – 19, Syscon team moved remotely.  This has helped us to provide uninterrupted support for all our customers, the safety of the team, and business continuity”

Customers speaks

Mfg. Industry Verticals

Pharma, API & Bulk drugs

Rubber, Plastics, Dyes & Chemicals

Engineering, Aerospace & Automobile

Solar, Wind & Renewable energy

Electrical & Electronics

Trading & Distribution

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