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Syscon Cronus: Empowering Indian Manufacturing

Syscon Cronus, your homegrown Made-in-India Plug & Play ERP solution, is built for success in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape. Focused on diverse manufacturing verticals, we offer nearly 3 decades of experience and a razor-sharp product approach.

Here’s how Syscon Cronus simplifies your journey:

  • Faster Implementation & Lower Costs: COTS (Commercially-off-the-Shelf) design ensures a quicker turnaround and reduces implementation expenses.
  • Seamless GST Compliance: Built-in GST readiness simplifies tax management and streamlines workflows.
  • Enhanced Transparency & Security: Robust audit trails provide complete financial oversight and data integrity.
  • Long-Term Support & Guaranteed Success: Count on assured, ongoing support for maximum return on investment (ROI).

Experience the power of a user-friendly, affordable, and Made-in-India ERP solution. Let Syscon Cronus be your trusted partner on the path to manufacturing excellence.

Who do we serve? - Manufacturing Industries of various Verticals

Pharma, API & Bulk drugs

Project Based Manufacturing

Dyes & Chemicals

Defense & Aerospace

Solar, Wind & Renewable energy

Rubber and Plastic

Fabrication, Machinery and Equipments

Electrical, Electronics & EMS

Electric Vehicles & Auto components

Syscon Cronus - ERP - Advantage

Why Syscon?

Single codebase for effortless ERP deployment & support.
Industry-ready features, click-activate, minimize customization.
Streamlined implementation, faster results for a smooth transition.
Affordable ERP, maximize your return on investment.
Global online support, faster resolution, no location barriers.
25+ years strong, guaranteed support & upgrades – your trusted ERP partner.

Syscon adapting work-from-anywhere


“Since 01/04/2019, much before COVID – 19, Syscon team moved remotely.  This has helped us to provide uninterrupted support for all our customers, the safety of the team, and business continuity”

Customers speaks

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