The smartness of a person in an Enterprise is as good as the software he/she uses.

If we see, almost all the accountants uses their accounting package to which they input all their data and generate timely returns and reports as per this requirements.

But when it comes to the CEO, he is suppose to represent the complete organisation. That too, it is more challenging for the manufacturing industry CEO. He has many departments and many type of transactions happening across these business functions. But for the data many CEOs depend upon some software, XL reports and word document etc.,.

Such unstructured, unorganised and unreliable data increases the complexity. As a result, Uncertainity & surprises becomes order of the day. The absence of real-time data will have its own snow-ball effect that leads to:

  • Emergency purchase at high cost
  • missed Customer delivery
  • Customer order cancellation
  • machine break down
  • bad quality of material
  • Sales rejection
  • irregularity in payable & receivables
  • cash-flow problem
  • Proposal not sent on-time
  • Proposal sent with wrong costing
  • No control over production consumption and line rejections

This sucks the energy and efficiency of the CEO as well as the Organisation. Also this is one of the main reasons for the 2nd and 3rd generation entrepreneurs does not want to enter into the business.

The only solution is to add a Actual ERP system to the Accounting package. Let the Accountant and Auditors settle for the accounting software. For rest of the organsiation team needs Actual ERP software.

The only way for the organsiations to improve its efficiency and to have edge-over their competition is to have a tightly integrated software system covering all the business functions and to generate real-time data access for decision making. Also each and every employee of the organisation has to give their full-support for this transition.

ERP is not costly, but not having ERP is costly.

But all said and done, enterprises are looking for:

  • Affordable ERP system (free trial to start with)
  • All features ready
  • Easy to learn and quick to implement
  • Regular upgrades and quick support in case of bug-fix
  • Long-term support

Please check this out.


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