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As you know, a good ERP that is  well implemented, can solve many problems in your Enterprise.  But, when we think of an ERP system, many questions that crosses our mind.

  1. Does it have all the features that we need?
  2. Is it affordable?
  3. How long it takes for implementation?
  4. How about the support?
  5. Are the ERP vendor reputed?
  6. Will my team can work on this ERP?  

Features:  Features will determine whether an ERP is industry ready or not. If an ERP is not industry ready, the client’s will have to spend money and time to make it usable. In general, such delay will cause lose of interest among the team. With regard to the feature, please check this ERP features   

Affordability : Affordable ERP is a big factor on ROI. If there is no ROI, it will completely defeat the purpose of the ERP project. While chasing the ERP brands, many organisations forget the ROI, which will hit them hard.  Please check-out our Pricing

Implementation time: Implementation is a crucial aspect of ERP’s success. Team will loose the interest and focus if the implementation is delayed. For faster implementation ERP readiness and matured data migration, training implementation methodologies are very important. Syscon has a track record of completing the implementations in 2-4 weeks of time.  Steps of ERP Implementation

Support & Reputation: For ERP, long-term support is non-negotiable. This includes bug fix, regular functional upgrades and statutory  modifications. Syscon has customers as old as 20 years working on our solution with regular support and upgrade. Also we have experienced Functional consultants with relevant industry experience.  You can also find Syscon’s ERP listed under Govt’s Digital MSME Scheme

Will this ERP work for us?

In general the manufacturing MSMEs workforce has optimum qualification like ITI, Diploma, Under Graduates and Graduates. So it is very important that the ERP software is Simple and Easy to adopt.

In view of this, Syscon offers a 14 days of free trial where the customer could see all the processes as per their business needs with their own data. This will 100% eliminate the risk of your ERP project. By the end of the trial period if they are satisfied, they can take it up for the implementation.  

So what make an ERP project risk free? These are the top 6 factors. Affordable ERP, Ready to use ERP, Easy & quick to adopt with long-term support.

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