Art of Choosing and Implementing the right ERP

ERP is been around here for over the last 30 years. Still there are many questions around it.

In this webinar we will present many common mistakes & the right actions for the success of ERP in order to benefit the Enterprise.

  • Why do we need an ERP?
  • But where it goes wrong & why the Industries struggle?
  • How do we evaluate the right ERP?
  • How to ensure ROI on ERP?
  • What is preparedness required for a successful implementation?
  • What is called as an IT culture?
  • Going forward…How do we maintain the data integrity of an ERP system?

We will be sharing practical challanges and Hands-on examples to mitigate the risks for driving successful and profitable ERP implementations.

Date : 06/06/2020
Time : 4 – 5 PM

Who should attend: Manufacturing Industry CEOs /Middle Managers / End-users/ Consultants / Industry Associations

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