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ERP blueprint

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Data is the King Efficiency and profitability of any enterprise depends on their ability to access the "Right data" on "Real-time" from "Anywhere" importantly  "Without any human intervention". This cannot be achieved without an ERP system. But a proper approach with a right ERP blueprint is very important. Many of the ERP projects fails due to lack of ERP blueprint &…
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Do you know why ERP fails?

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India is getting into a formal economy space. Regulations and compliance are getting stringent. Organisations will find difficult to meet the business demand and statutory compliance without a well integrated ERP system. So the obvious choice is to have a well integrated ERP system for all the business process. But when we talk of ERP, most of the points are…
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ERP success for manufacturing indutries

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ERP success for the manufacturing Industries is very tricky. It requires many intricate business process for Sales, Inventory, Sub Contract, Job work, BOM, Batch and Process and Quality control. Top level ERP success criteria: - Ready to use ERP system ( All features ready as per the business requirement) - Cost including ( License, Hosting, Implementation, Customisation and AMC etc.,) of solution…
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You are as smart as the technology that you use!

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Except for the Accounting Packages, everything is changed in the last 20 years  We should know that in today's technology world, we are just as smart as the Technology that we use. If we are still using Accounting software to run our complex enterprises and struggling for every bit of information that we need, it is sad. This is also…
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ERP Partnership opportunity for Big and Small

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Big ERPs must be loosing lots of deals due lower budgets of the clients. Hello Institutions and individuals dealing with Big ERPs, Many growing SME manufacturing industries are looking for ERPs. But they can't afford for large ERP systems as well as handle its complexity and delayed implementation cycles. But they need many of the features that these big ERPs…
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ERP Master Strokes – Implementation Tips

By Cost of ERP, ERP, ERP failures, ERP Implementation, ERP selection, ERP software, Manufacturing ERP, ROI on ERP No Comments
ERP Implementation tips: ERP is not an IT project. It is a Cultural and people project. Organisations with proper culture can implement the ERP with optimum efforts. ERP forms a data foundation for the enterprise. So, without a right and properly implemented ERP, the enterprise is always shaky. ERP is a more than 30-year-old dish. But unfortunately, there are only…
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Keep it (ERP) stupid simple.

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I am upset out of my concern for the Manufacturing MSMEs in India, not otherwise. The idea is to share tips of making an ERP project simple & successful for the #MSMEs. When I came across the concept KISS – Keep it simple, stupid (called KISS - principle), I felt why MSMEs should not adopt this for their ERP implementation. How MSMEs…
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