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Syscon is always excited to talk about our Human assets & culture. Hence with no doubt, Syscon has an “Employee First” policy. Also, our 2 decades of presence have helped us with a well-evolved culture & employee-friendly HR framework.

We maintain perfect harmony among our team members with very simple ground rules, which form our Core Culture. Culture is always unique for every organisation. Culture is an invisible fine thread on which the organisation thrives. Organisation may get into new products new services, but the culture always remains the same.

Outbound Sales Associate


Thank you so much for your interest in this position. Please go through the below details before applying for this position.


At Syscon we are providing our own ERP solution – Syscon Cronus. This software is suitable for Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries. 

We are seeking an Outbound Sales Associate to help us build a solid and healthy Sales pipeline. The roles and responsibilities are listed below:

This is a work-from-home assignment

Outbound Sales Job Description:


  • To develop a good understanding of the Syscon Cronus – ERP system, target customers, and competitor analysis 
  • Manage and oversee all outbound sales activities, including lead generation and sales presentations.
  • Deep understanding and hands-on experience on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and list the prospective list of companies and key decision makers and share relevant messages for connection.
  • Prepare the E-mail list and send regular mail of interesting and relevant topics to ensure keep the interest of the recipients.
  • Develop new lead generation programs, monitoring their effectiveness.
  • Make outbound calls with the prospects and schedule the demo.
  • Post the demo, the product team will send a proposal.
  • After a proposal to make a regular follow-up to encourage the prospects to take up the 30 days of trial.
  • Create effective sales strategies, maintain accurate sales forecasts, and continually update marketing strategies.
  • Develop, evaluate, and monitor sales plans and quotas on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Weekly meetings to appraise the Sales developments.
  • Assume overall responsibility for all sales operations
  • Make competitive comparisons of competitors’ prices and services
  • Recommend and implement new sales approaches
  • Keep abreast of sales trends and changes within the industry
  • Physical meetings of Customers, Exhibitions, and Industry associations as required.

Outbound Sales Skill & Responsibilities:


  • Strong selling attitude.
  • Be able to communicate both orally and in writing
  • Must be skilled in arranging for the demo and Trial 
  • Good at bulk  E-mailing
  • Good knowledge of LinkedIn sales navigator
  • Update the Lead sheets with all discussions and developments.
  • Weekly review meetings
  • Achieving the weekly and monthly lead quotes of Demos and Trials.
  • Must be organized, self-motivated, and possess excellent organizational and time management skills



Hands-on Outbound Sales experience of 2-4 years.


Any Degree with specialisation & flair in Sales 

Work Nature:

Full-time or Freelancers

Work method:

Work-from-home (Attending Meetings, Exhibitions, and Client visits as required) 

Special Instruction:

Please visit the website  before sending the application.

Please send your application to:

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