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Is your enterprise Digitally ready for post COVID 19?

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Digital readiness is a "Must to have" than "Nice to have". It is more important now than ever before. Post COVID-19, the work environments are going to be completely different. Only the essential work force who are required to move the physical goods like Security, logistics, production, quality and plant maintenance etc., needed in the work area. The company has…
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New or Alternate ERP ! Use this lock-down time smartly

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ERP for free trial We all know this a challenging situation for all Humans in the globe. Both the business and personal lives are affected. Manufacturing industries are realising the need for accessing real-time data than ever before. Real-time data is a key to take proactive and corrective action without loosing time. To male this happen ERP will be a…
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How a feature rich & affordable ERP makes it risk free?

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As you know, a good ERP that is  well implemented, can solve many problems in your Enterprise.  But, when we think of an ERP system, many questions that crosses our mind. Does it have all the features that we need? Is it affordable? How long it takes for implementation? How about the support? Are the ERP vendor reputed? Will my team can…
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5 points worth considering during ERP evaluation.

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The ERP evaluation is a very crucial stage. Please don't decide on what people say, but decide on what suits your organisation. The team needs to spend time to at least 1-2 months on this ERP evaluation process and various ERPs. It will be worth it. 1. Functional features for your day-to-day transactions and statutory compliance are a must to…
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Top reason for the ERP failure.

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  There a 2 completely different stages for an ERP project. If this distinction is not rightly understood, either there will be a so-so ERP project running or it will lead to ERP failure.  Stage I (This is like selection and buying the Car) Selection of ERP Evaluation of ERP for all the business use cases by the users Total Cost…
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ERP blueprint

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Data is the King Efficiency and profitability of any enterprise depends on their ability to access the "Right data" on "Real-time" from "Anywhere" importantly  "Without any human intervention". This cannot be achieved without an ERP system. But a proper approach with a right ERP blueprint is very important. Many of the ERP projects fails due to lack of ERP blueprint &…
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Do you know why ERP fails?

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India is getting into a formal economy space. Regulations and compliance are getting stringent. Organisations will find difficult to meet the business demand and statutory compliance without a well integrated ERP system. So the obvious choice is to have a well integrated ERP system for all the business process. But when we talk of ERP, most of the points are…
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