Information technology provides stability and enables growth for all establishments.

As we all know, after GST, the way we do business has become simple & transparent. GST is one tax across the country, tightly integrating all Suppliers, Customers, Sub contractors, Items and services under one roof. A good IT solution will be handy for ease of business, compliance and growth.

The real challenge for the Micro, Small and Medium enterprises is the cost of IT solutions & Hardware and complexity of maintenance.

Subsidy under Digital MSME scheme:

Considering  this,  Ministry  of  MSME,  under Digital MSME scheme is providing subsidy for adoption of IT solutions on cloud. It will be a great opportunity for the industries to make use of this opportunity to go digital to stay well ahead of their competition.

Eligibility is Rs.1 Lac will be given in 2 years of time.

Advantage IT solutions on Cloud:

IT on Cloud has made revolution in redefining the landscape of many business across the globe. It has made the solution cost affordable and completely removed the IT infrastructure maintenance hassle from the end-user enterprises. This is a real boon for the Small and Medium Enterprises. As the solutions are hosted from reputed datacenters, it guarantees the security, speed and high availability.

Data Security:

Many SMEs are worried about data security and privacy. World-wide many of the data thefts are reported due to lack of internal security and access control. From this stand-point data from tier-1 & 2 data centers will prove to be safer with guaranteed high availability. Simple and common example is that many of the firms uses G-mail for their business communications which is on cloud.

Industry ready IT & ERP solutions:

Based on price and product features, Syscon’s ERP system is featured first under this scheme. Over and above Syscon Cronus is GST ready and with over 2 decades of expertise, the implementation and training can be done within 2-3 weeks of time. Our customers are assured of long-term support.

Also Syscon has a choice for modular approach that our clients can choose selective modules initially and scale-up as they stabilize. Please spend a little more time in going through the features.

Golden opportunity for the MSMEs:

This will be a golden opportunity for the MSMEs to align the working process of theirs like large corporate. Adoption of right IT solution will help industries to improve productivity & efficiency, better response and save cost.

Great opportunity for ERP partners:

We all know that it is a tough market. If you are into selling ERP to Indian SMEs, Syscon offers a great opportunity for the to convert all your dead and live prospects in to orders. It will be easy for you to close fresh deals quickly. It is great opportunity to make large number of small deals quickly. If you are interested in our ERP partner program, please signup selecting the option “Partner”

Role of Industry Associations:

Industry Association would play a crucial role in terms of carrying this message across to their member industries. They can also conduct awareness program to communicate the advantage and benefits of this Digital MSME scheme.

If you are interested to avail the benefit of this scheme please sign up selecting the option “Digital MSME Scheme”. We will send you the documents containing the login details and procedure for this scheme.



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