Many a times you will find team members of the organisation saying that ‘I don’t know. No one told me’. This is the biggest performance and profit killer of enterprise of all sizes.

There are many external reasons that affects the performance of an enterprise. For example:

Customer cancelling the order.
Customer Payment got delayed.
Supplier material got delayed.
Banker refuse to enhance the working capital.
Sudden power cut and Genset is down.

There could be more to this list….

Smooth functioning of the organisation is largely disturbed by ” I don’t know, no body told me” situations. Some times the team member will be at fault. But if you see deeply, many a times, the organisation does not have a system or process in place to address this.

This phenomenon shows 2 things.

1. Organisation does not have system in place.

2. The dynamics of the organisation has crossed a thrush-hold, that their manual system does provide the necessary speed of response.

In the stage 2, the organisation need to bring in a intelligent IT solution or a simple ERP to map their transactions, failing which the organisation will be in the same level or will go down. This will lead to:

  • Blame game
  • Stressed-out employees
  • Mistaken decisions.
  • Missed targets.

Flow of data in an enterprise is like blood flow in the human body. Any blockage will lead to numbness. Hence, this syndrome for a prolonged period creates, numbness in the organisation. Due to this employees will lose their ability to respond to critical situations, instead they get defensive.

The only away to solve this is to have a simple ERP system. But as a shortcut to Simple ERP system, enterprise will add more people, more process and more computers. This can only add to more confusions and frustration.

As the famous saying goes “Shortcut is a longest distance between 2 given points”

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