ERP evaluation

The ERP evaluation is very crucial stage. Please don’t decide on what people say, but decide on what suits your organisation. The team need to spend time to atleast for 1-2 months for this ERP evaluation process various ERPs. It will be worth it.

1. Functional features for your day-to-day transactions and statutory compliance are must to have (without any customisation – If  off-the -shelf product doesn’t have the features, it will take quite along time for you to get those). Don’t fall pray for dash board, colour colour graphs, Nice look and feel etc., they are nice to have. Take a deep level of demo of the system. If possible take a short trial. It will be good idea to involve all the team members during this stage.

2. Price that you can afford. – Don’t fall pray for the ROI stories –  ROI depends on your size of operation. So affordability is extremely important. Price will decide, if you are working for the ERP or the ERP is working for you.

3. Time to implement – Less than 2-3 weeks. Beyond that, people will lose the interest. (please see the point 1. If the basic features are not available, then this time frame of implementation is not possible). This will be coordinated effort of both ERP vendor team and the User team. The ERP blueprint will be very helpful during the ERP evaluation.

4. ERP product – The product must be at-least working in the market for 5-6 years of time. This time is required for the product to get robust. Other wise you will become the trial ground. Also check if the product is working in your segment.

5. ERP Consultants – Does the ERP vendor has good consultants who understand both the product and your industry segment.

Spending quality time with your team and with the ERP vendors at the ERP evaluation stage will save time and money and assure the ERP success for your enterprise.





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