ERP - Master stroke

ERP Implementation tips:

  • ERP forms a data foundation for the enterprise. So, without a right and properly implemented ERP, the enterprise is always shaky.
  • ERP is not a IT project. It is a Cultural project. Without an ERP system, the enterprise runs on approximation and assumptions. This slowly takes the enterprise into sickness.
  • ERP is more than 30 year old dish. Bur unfortunately, there are only very few master chefs for this recipe.
  • When the enterprise opts for an ERP system, but fails to implement, it shows the cultural misalignment of the people of the organisation. This is an indicator for sickness. May be, the enterprise will be doing good now. But it is just a question of time before the sickness shows up on their balance-sheet.
  • The notion about ERP is, it is costly. May be or may be not. But please understand, not having an ERP will be very very costly.
  • ERP is a health indicator and medicine by itself. Individuals should not complete with ERP. They need to utilise the ERP to the fullest for the benefit of the Enterprise, which will in-turn benefit the individuals.
  • ERP improves the professional success in the enterprise. Professionals will get access for right data at the right to take the right decisions. For professionals, ERP is complimentary not a competition.
  • People who are against ERP, are obviously working against the interest of the company.
  • In a ERP project’s success, the money factor is 20% and the people factor is 80%. Enterprise thinks too much on the ERP investments, leaving the people factor high & dry.
  • Too much of customisation under name of “My business is special” kills the or defeat the purpose of ERP system.
  • Without the active involvement of the top management (right from the day 1, the ERP project will loose its direction. Once lost, can never be put on track.
  • For a good driver, car is boon. For a bad driver, the same car is devil or death. The same goes with ERP too. For the prepared enterprises, ERP is a boon. But for the unprepared ERP is death nail.
  • Right-fit ERP system, good Domain and ERP expert from ERP vendor side and Smart ERP project lead with full authority from the Customer side will be right combination for the ERP success.
  • ROI on ERP – A failed ERP is better than the ERP with no ROI. At least there are no recurring losses.
  • Do you know the fact that to develop a good ERP system for a manufacturing Industry will take about 5 years. So trying to develop an ERP with 4 software engineers, will be like trying to manufacture a car with the help of 4 mechanics.
  • ERP Project – The faster the implementation, the higher the survival.

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