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Implementation of an ERP system can be equated to a high-way project. The CEOs and the ERP project heads need to know that sanctioning funds for an ERP project, leaving the rest to the team and expect the results to come will be a pipe dream. Let’s see why?

Particulars High-way Project ERP project
Planning and Timelines Project planning with time lines. Scope of Implementation with time lines
Right project vendors Choosing the Right development Vendor Choosing the right ERP vendor
Funds & Manpower Funds & manpower are to be allocated Funds & manpower are to be allocated
Land  & Data acquisition Many individuals do not want to give their lands. Many users do not want to share the data.
Timelines and Inconvenience. During this stage the public is put into inconvenience without roads. Users and company is put into difficulty with both current legacy system and ERP system.
Legal hassles and statutory resistance. Many will oppose and take the projects to the court. Auditors and Accounting team will oppose moving out of Accounting Packages showing statutory compliance as a reason.
Loss of privacy A highway project is looked as a threat with high-speed vehicles by the locals When the data is shared, old employees will think that their importance is lost.
Different school of thoughts The old locals think that highway is danger and unnecessary one. But the young generation will see it as speed with safety and potential business opportunities. First generation and Old CEOs & old employees will say that we have been running the company with no computers for the past 20 years. Young next gen entrepreneurs and employees says, that the world around has changed and speed and accuracy of information is a critical business success factor.
Core Infrastructure Highway is a core infrastructure for the development of the country. Information is a core infrastructure for the development of the organization.


Given these blind spots, unless the CEOs and the project heads are clear about steering the ERP project at every stage, the success of an ERP project is by and large will be a question.

  • High-way = ERP
  • Cars = Data
  • Drivers = Users
  • Speed breakers = Obstacles &  blind spots

More the people with vested interest than the organisational interest, makes an ERP implementation tough. Obviously the vested interested people does not subscribe for a transparent system. There arise the conflict. If the ERP project is not closely monitored, such vested interest people will come up with many changes, assumed requirements, process modifications, unwanted customization requests, only to delay and sabotage the ERP project. This tendency is more in India than in developed countries. That is the precise reason, we all know that Indian makes best software,but not for India. We are extremely good in making best software and terribly poor in adopting it.

Many ERP project either fails or does not deliver the desired results only because the CEO or the professionals handling the ERP projects  does not have enough preparedness to steer through these stages of blind spots and to take the ERP system into the DNA of the organization. So, we need tough hands in the ERP project management and  implementation.

Digital Age needs Digital Enterprises:

Post GST in India is clearly demanding a transparent business process. So, going Digital is the only option for the smooth growth of the enterprise.

Having selected the right ERP system, the failure of the ERP project is an indicator of the cultural misalignment of the team and the lack of top management will power for the transformation. Such organizations will struggle to survive in this digital age.


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