One of my earlier articles I wrote about the “World Jobs are moving from Knowledge based to Skill based” in LinkedIn has received fabulous welcome across the globe.

It is hence becomes unavoidable for the educational institutions to equip the students with the right skills during their studies itself.

In the present economic scenario Skills are more important that the Certificates and Marks.

So, the natural choice for the educational institutions is to setup a strong Indusrty Acedemia conenct. Through this initiative, the institutions can setup Incubation centers, by joining hands with the Industry / Enterprises. This will help the students to gain hands-on experience as well as generate revenues. Here revenue generation is very important, without which the seriousness will be lost.

In Incubation centers, the knowledge transfer has to happen to the follwoing batch students by the current batch, so that the efforts can be sustained.

The benefits that the students will gain are as follows:

1. Exposure to professional working environment
2. Improvement of true communication skills (communication skill is in general misunderstood for talking. It is right reading, focused listening, sensible talking and good writing)
3. Team work. It is all are equal. We work for an objective and individuals are measured by their attitude and skill. Their marks, grades and their social background does not matter.
4. Professional. Take the right training. Commit and honor the commitment.

Such exposure will make them more confident and help them for a much better employment opportunities. They can also get employment with the Incubating companies or work as freelancers and consultants with them.

We at Syscon are quite open to work with Educational institutions to setup our Incubation centers. Interested Institutions can signup. We can share more details.

Interesting article that I wrote on LinkedIn. “World Jobs are moving from Knowledge based to Skill based”




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