Difference between Cost and Price of an ERP system!


Cost is what you pay for an ERP. But the price is, what is lost when you don’t have the right ERP.


Remember, the ERP that doesn’t give ROI, will be a “White Elephant”

Free Trial – for 14 Days

When we say pay and use, customers will think. But when we say Free Trial Customers will doubt.

This is a straight forward offer, there is no catch! Through this trial offer, we wish to help our clients  to get hand-on experience with comfortable time on ERP at no cost and risk.

This can address our Client’s apprehensions like,

  • Is ERP complex?
  • Can my team use it?
  • How about support?
  • What will be the benefit?
  • Does it have all the statutory compliance? etc.,

We will provide any 5 business use cases as per the choice of the client.

This will be very useful for Small Enterprises try the ERP at zero and  Enterprises are struggling or burnt their fingers on wrong ERPs.

One of the biggest nightmare in ERP has been its pricing & ROI. Many of the big ERP vendors are scared of talking about!

Please spend few minutes to choose the suitable pricing for your enterprise.

  • ERP – India Pricing: 
    • Free Trial: This will be very useful for enterprises to put the solution in to effective use before paying for it.
    • on-premise: Standard and Professional. The pricing is simple with concurrent user license.
    • ERP on Cloud: In case if you wish to go on a cloud model, where one need not invest and maintain the Server, Patches and Data backups, in addition to the on-premise commercials, just pay a small hosting fees.
  • ERP – Digital MSME Pricing– This pricing offers the ERP on Cloud. This is exclusive for the Indian Enterprises comes through the Digital MSME scheme (www.digitalmsme.gov.in) from Ministry of MSME – Govt. of India. Under this scheme the MSMEs can get the ERP solution for a competitive price.
  • International Pricing – Please contact us for the details.

ERP - India Pricing

Free Trial


14 days


Unlimited licenses
Modules: 5 use-cases





Modules: Sales, Despatch, Purchase, Stores, Finance and MIS
Support: Depends on the scope
AMC: 20% per Annum on License cost (from 2nd year)
Cloud hosting: Rs. 500/user/month extra
Implementation time : 2 weeks (If systems, users and data is ready)


35,000/ User



Modules: Standard + Planning, Production, Costing, QC, Maintenance and Payroll
Support: Depends on the scope
AMC: 20% per Annum on License cost (from 2nd year)
Cloud hosting: Rs. 500/user/month extra
Implementation time : 4 weeks (If systems, users and data is ready)

FAQs on Pricing

What are the cost components?

  • License Cost
  • Support
  • AMC
  • Cloud Hosting (optional) Not applicable for on-premise.

What the Free Trial covers?

  • 14 days of Free Trial
  • Unlimited users
  • Limited features. ( 5 use cases only)
  • On-line Training and Implementation & Data migration support.

By end of the trial period the users can shift to the suitable paid version and the Support charges will also be applicable.

Any other additional cost?

  • Additional Company and Division/ warehouse Location.
  • Re-implementation and Re-training.

What the AMC covers?

  • Standard Upgrades.
  • Bug Fix.


What is the scope of “Support” ?

The cost of support depends upon the scope of modules & the business processes selected by the client. There are 2 packages (Standard and Professional) available in SME pricing.

The support includes the following services:

  • Installation.
  • Setup.
  • Configuration.
  • Data migration.
  • Pre-printed documents setup.
  • User Training.

The entire support is done on-line, makes it simple & quick and no geographical barrier.

On-Line Support

Considering the distance, travel and time, Syscon prefers to provide on-line support for all customers.

How about the Return on Investment (ROI) of this ERP?

ROI of ERP will differentiate, if you are are working for the ERP (or) the ERP is working for you,

While chasing the brand, sadly, ROI of ERP is overlooked. This is a serious mistake & defeat the purpose of going in for the ERP.

With Syscon Cronus – ERP software, being industry ready, it is quite easy to achieve the ROI of ERP within 6- 12 months.