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Keep your business healthy

Time has come to Automate your business. Only then you can scaleup.

Health of a business depends on access to data that is..

  • Real-time
  • Right data
  • and the Right people to act on it.

We do the 1st and 2nd part very effectively at an affordable cost.

EPR blueprint




  • Configuration
  • Login Manager


  • Sales
  • Despatch
  • Purchase
  • Stores
  • Finance
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Plant Mainteanance
  • Payroll


A most powerful engine that has evolved over 3 decades of industry experience and professional inputs available just a click away. There is a world of difference between customisation and configuration. For Customisation one has to ask for it, whereas the configuration is just choosing it.

  • Multi Company
  • Multi Location
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Financial Years
  • Loads of business rules and option for each module
  • GST, TDS and TCS ready

Login Manager

The best part of the ERP system is that it will bring all the data of the enterprise to one single place.  So it becomes all the more critical to provide proper user rights to add, modify, delete, and scan the data.  Now that the audit trail is mandatory, it is very important to have the specific names of the users creating, approving modifying, and deleting the data.

  • Creation of Users
  • Transaction prefixes
  • Access control for:
    • Company
    • Division and warehouse
    • Add, Modify, Scan, Delete

Sales, Despatch, and Accounts Receivables

These are critical customer-facing business functions. Hence this team needs a proper system to meet the functional, commercial, contractual, and statutory needs. E-invoicing & E-way bill are mandatory beyond certain revenue threshold.

  • Masters
    • Customer Master
    • Address Master
    • Currency
    • Payment terms
  • Enquiry
  • Product Costing  – Weighted average price, BOM-based including process cost and other overheads.
  • Offer
  • Sales Order (Connected to Production plan, MRP and Production Route card / Batch sheet)
    • Make to stock
    • Made to Order
      • Domestic
      • Exports
      • Job Work order
      • Stock Transfer (Inter-Division)
  • Advance Payment Receipts
  • Packing Slip
  • Invoice
  • Sales Return and Auto Credit Note
  • Sale Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher
    • Creditor Outstanding Statement (Age wise)
  • Margin per Invoice (Line item wise)

Purchase, Stores and Accounts Payable

Since this function handles 55 to 65% of the entire revenues of the Enterprise, it is very critical to exercise a great deal of control here. In a highly competitive market, it is all the more crucial to source quality material at a competitive price that too delivered on time.

  • Masters
    • Supplier Master
    • Address Master
    • Currency
    • Payment terms
  • Enquiry
  • Quotations
    • Comperatve Statement
  • Purchase order
    • Domestic
    • Imports
    • Shipment
    • Bonding
      • Purchase Voucher for Imported bill booking
    • De-bonding
    • Goods receipt note
      • Purchase Rejections and Auto Debit note
      • JV for booking imported Customs Duty and other charges as per the Bill of Entry
  • Material Requisition
  • Issues
  • Material Return Note
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Job Orders
    • Delivery Challans
      • Returnable  (RDC)
      • Non-Returnables
    • GRN for RDC (Job work)
    • GRN for Sales (Job work orders)
  • Reports
    • Stock Valuation
    • Stock Control
    • ABC and FSN Analysis
    • Vendor rating
  • Advance Payments
    • Against order
    • On Account
    • Bill payment advise
  • Purchase Voucher
  • Payment  Voucher
    • Debtor Outstanding Statement (Age wise)

Finance and Accounts

Finance and Accounts is the heart of the enterprise. Every enterprise starts with money and ends with money. The performance of the enterprise is only seen with their revenues and profits.

All the ERP setup starts from Accounting and finally ends with Accounting.

The modern manufacturing accounts system needs drastic upgrades with Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) based accounting and Global reporting.

Time for statutory compliance is shrinking and the accuracy of compliance has gone up drastically. without an end-to-end system in place, it is next to impossible for the enterprise to meet these demands.

Hence, the accounting functions can no longer operate in a silo.


    • Group of Accounts
    • Accounts Master
      • Assets
      • Liabilities
      • Revenues
      • Expenses
      • Cash
      • Bank
    • Group and Account Identification
    • TDS slab Master


  • Vouchers
    • Purchase
      • Domestic
      • Imports
      • Job Work
      • Services
    • Sales
      • Domestic
      • Exports
      • Services
    • Payment
      • For bill
      • Advance
        • Order
        • On Account
    • Receipts
      • For bill
      • Advance
    • Credit Note
      • Direct
      • Customer / Supplier for bill
    • Debit Note
      • Direct
      • Customer / Supplier for bill
    • JV
    • Contra
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Reports
    • Cash Book
    • Bank Book
    • Day Book
    • Out Standing statements
      • DOS
      • COS
    • GST
      • GSTR1
      • GSTR3B
    • Final Accounts
      • Trial Balance
      • P&L
      • Balance sheet

Planning, Production

This is the heart of the Industry operations. Quality and On-time delivery are the most important aspects of this function.

  • Masters
    • Bill of Materials
    • Machine Master
    • Process Master
    • Cycle Time Master
  • Production Plan (Linked to Sales Orders)
  • Material Requirement Plan (MRP)
  • Auto Purchase Indent
  • Batch Sheet
    • Auto Material Requisition
      • Based on BOM with an option for modification
    • Issues
      • Linked to GRNs by default FIFO with an option for user to choose specific GRN or other receipt transactions
      • Auto Cost of Goods Manufactured COGM
    • Batch approvals
    • Stage wise production
    • Stage wise QC
    • Batch Close and Cancel
  • Production slip
    • FG QC
  • Material Return Note
  • Reports
    • WIP
    • SO Batch Summary
    • Traceability with QC reports for audits

Quality Control

Quality Control is one of the most critical function to ensure end-user’s satisfaction. For a manufacturing industry there are various ways the materials comes in. It can be a bought out, Manufactured in-house or by a sub contract vendor. Also a product or sub assembly / intermediate many under go different process stages. It is important that every granular stage has to have a QC approval to have the better control on the end product.

Added to this many of the OEMs like Auto, Railways and Defence equipment manufactures insist on strict quality process with proper traceability in case of any non or underperformance. Also it need traceability and audit trail.

  • Masters
    • Test Master
    • Item Standards and Specification
    • Instrument Types
    • Measuring Instruments
    • Non- conformance and rejection
  • Item Inspection Data (In-coming)
    • Linked to GRN – Bought out
    • Lined to GRN – Sub Contract
  • Item Inspection Data (In-coming)
    • Lined to Production Batch Sheet (Output)
    • Lined to Production Batch Sheet (Process)
  • Reports
    • Test Reports
    • Rejection and Non Conformance

Plant Maintenance

This is the most important but unfortunately one of the highly ignored business functions. Without a proper IT system, this will make the maintenance engineers’, and supervisors’ lives very miserable. Also, force them to be on their toes all the time. This will also have an impact on the quality of the products and on-time deliveries.

  • Masters
    • Machine Master
  • Preventive Maintenance schedules
  • Maintenance Attendance
  • Break Down maintenance
  • Material Requisition
    • Consumption of materials machine-wise
  • Reports
    • History Card
    • Downtime analysts


A statutory business function. But if this is not handled properly this will lead to employee dissatisfaction.

  • Masters
    • Employee Master
    • Category
    • Designation
    • Leaves
    • Holidays
    • Locations
    • Departments
  • Allowance and deduction
  • Salary structure
  • Daily attendance
  • Over-Time
  • Leave Requisition
    • Loss of Pay (LOP)
  • Salary Generation
  • Reports
    • Payslip
    • Salary statements
    • Statements for Bank
    • Employee-wise leave status
    • ESI
    • PF
    • Form 16

Info Engine - MIS Dashboard

The essence of ERP is the Management Information System (MIS) to facilitate Decision Support System(DSS)

  • Customer and Supplier Profile
  • Top Supplier and Customer (based on business volumes for a period)
  • Top Items (Sales and Purchase based on Values for a period)
  • Cash and Bank balances
  • DOS / COS
  • Trend analysis of Sales/ Purchase / Consumption / Income / Expenditure
  • P & L
  • YTD report on Items – Consumption/ Production / Despatch
  • Document Approvals
Make in India ERP
What is essential for a ERP Software?
  • Full-blown ERP features
  • Knowledgeable consultants
  • Easy to Implement
  • Regular Upgrades
  • Long-term Support
  • Affordable cost

Syscon has a responsible and Passionate team, that understands the importance of the ERP software to our clients business.

What is special about Syscon Cronus?

We made the ERP simple and affordable.

No nonsense ERP

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