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Implementation of an ERP system is like a fitness program.

The first 4 weeks of effort & work decides the rest.

The success of ERP project is a combination of:

  • Business Ready ERP Software
  • ERP friendly End-users and Management team
  • Training & Implementation methodology (Whatsapp group support)
  • Data Migration tools for the ERP software
  • Post- Implementation support (Whatsapp group support)
  • Commitment of ERP vendor team & Client’s team
  • Long-term support from the ERP vendor

Syscon has the track record of supporting all our customers for the past 2 decades.

Each of the above steps are equally important. Syscon takes enough care in each of the stages with high level of professional commitment.

Over the last 2 decades, Syscon also has evolved with matured tools and methodologies to drastically shorten the implementation cycle.

Faster the implementation, higher the ERP success

Support Methods

This is a combination of various factors that include Knowledgeable consultants, a Robust Implementation framework, explaining the expectation from the users, Data Migration, Training & Go-live support. Of course, Client Management & user commitment and receptiveness are very important. Syscon offers Whatsapp support to ensure ease of monitoring and faster response.

• System Study
• Gap Analysis
• Installation
• Setup
• Configuration
• User rights
• Master Data collection
• Porting and verification of Masters
• Trial Entries (User Acceptance test – UAT)
• Cut-off date and porting & Verification of opening balance
• Go live

This is another important phase. While the users are working on the system they may seek some clarification. The post-implementation consulting team has to quickly understand the business requirement and provide clarification. It is more critical to provide swift bug fixes.

Syscon provides premium support through Whatsapp group:

• Bugs
• Process Clarifications (for the preset users)
• Enhancements

Based on the nature of the complaint, Syscon support team will check the tickets and provide the resolution as per the Service levels. After the resolutions are provided the users can verify and close the tickets as per the service levels. The Enhancement requests are studied by Syscon product team and based on the merits the same will be taken up for development.

The business environment is dynamic. Hence the ERP software has to get new features added to it constantly. Added to this, government regulations do change. Hence the ERP software also has to keep getting upgraded from time to time. So it will be a good idea for the customers to keep the upgrade patches updated regularly.

Syscon keeps adding new features and releasing new versions once in 2-3 months. Sycon also maintains one single code base for all customers.

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