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We wish to thank CIO review of featuring Syscon as one of the “20 Most promising ERP solution provider 2016” in India. We had to work hard for the past 20 years to get here. Of course we need to continue that to stay here.

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In a crowded ERP market, Syscon has carefully used its 20 years of experience to secure a unique position for itself. We started the ERP product in 1996 for the mid market segment. Our focus was to provide:

  • Affordable ERP solution
  • Simple to implement
  • With all functional features
  • With dash board for the middle and senior management to take better decision
  • Regular upgrades
  • With no technology hassles

The best part of the journey is that we are in a position to support all our customers including the our first customer. This support is very essential for a ERP vendor. ERP system is always considered very critical due the main reason that the entire business is dependent on it. So it is the moral responsibility of the ERP vendor to live upto it. This requires vision and dedication. Syscon has a very responsible team to stay committed towards this objective since the past 2 decades.

When we look back, we have seen several ERP business have gone bust. One big common reason was, many such ERP companies were delivering ERP system as a project as per the customer’s requirement. So when there was a statutory change by the government, they had to do the same modification for all the clients individually. In the process, they have ended up on a maintenance mess.

More than the commitment of Syscon, the strategic decision sticking to the Product Approach has give us the longevity and ease of support. In the initial stages we had many challenges to stick decision, but some where the wisdom prevailed.

We wish to thank our team members, ex-employees, Customers, Business Partners, Investors and Bankers, mainly our friends and relatives who have been of a great support for us all the while.


Full article of CIO review


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