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We all know this a challenging situation for all Humans in the globe. Both the business and personal lives are affected.

Manufacturing industries are realising the need for accessing real-time data than ever before. Real-time data is a key to take proactive and corrective action without loosing time. To male this happen ERP will be a essential tool. As we always say, ERP is not costly, but not having the right ERP will prove to be costly.

There are many mid size and large manufacturing industries using limited features of large ERPs. They do not find any ROI from their ERP investment. This is the best time for them to re-visit their ERP spends and evaluate alternatives.

This lock-down period can be used by the manufacturing industries more effectively. Mfg. Industries can take a 14 days of free ERP trial. Simply ask your team to work-from-home for this evaluation and trial.

All we need is this:

  1. You company details like Company, Name, Address, GST registration details.
  2. Sample Bill of Materials for 2 or 3 products.
  3. Sample Supplier and Customer Master
  4. Key users working from home.
  5. Clarence of commercial proposal and release of contract order. But no need for any payment.
  6. We will set up a 14 days of free ERP trial and run through all the business transaction as per your process needs.
  7. By end of the trial if you are happy, pay and continue. If you are not satisfied, no questions asked.

Please do not hesitate to act now. You will never get his free time back when things get normal.

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