Syscon’s long journey of over 2 decades

History of Syscon goes way back to 1996, when a small team of 4 people started developing a simple and ready-to-use ERP solution for Manufacturing Industries and large Trading companies. The best advantage was that the core team had worked in many manufacturing industries. With this strong domain experience, the ERP solution was evolved.

Syscon has the right blend of Functional and Technical team apt for an ERP software company.

Our Commitment:

100% of features at 10% of Cost when compared with many big ERP systems.

  • Provide a ready-made ERP system for Enterprises
  • Low cost ERP system
  • Easy to adopt with short implementation cycle
  • Assured long-term support

Product Concept:

On this front, we are way different from many ERP vendors keeping Syscon Cronus as a product rather than a project.

  • Elaborate configuration to choose the required business functions.
  • One single version across all the clients, which is easy to maintain.
  • Maturity in Data migration and Implementation, helping short implementation cycle.
  • Easy to add new features & statutory requirements and migrate technology.
  • Development of knowledgeable consultants for implementation.
  • Helped to deliver it as Low Cost ERP Software, making several Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to get a affordable ERP.
  • Assured Long-term support, which is one of the most essential criteria for an ERP vendor.

ERP is not a game of Boys, it is a game of Men.

Over the past 2 decades, Syscon Cronus has been implemented in several Manufacturing and Trading verticals. This has helped the solution in adding several vertical specific features and making the system a robust ERP Software. Also intern helped creating knowledge bank for our ERP consultants to reduce the ERP Implementation time drastically. The final benefit is, the lesser the implementation time, results increased ERP success.

Many new ERP Software or ERP Projects, when it comes for the manufacturing vertical, hits road block in the following scenarios:

  • During the New financial year generation while transferring the Inventory and Financial data to the new years.
  • Since most of the companies will work on both financial years till they close their previous years books, it gets tricky to handle the data consistency.
  • In the scope of complex multi level bill of materials (BOM) and Material Requirement Planning (MRP) coupled with Batch sheet and production.
  • Standard and Actual costing.
  • Also when it comes to Mutil location Manufacturing and Distribution it gets more tricky to handle the Inventory, Production and Financial data.

It is essential for the ERP Software buyers to know that dedicated domain experts with  rich Industry experience and technical team has works together for 3-4 years to bring out a meaningful ERP Software.