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About Syscon

Syscon’s long journey of close to 3 decades

The history of Syscon goes way back to 1996, when a small team of 4 people started developing a simple and ready-to-use – COTS  ERP solution for Manufacturing Industries. The best advantage was that the core team had worked in many manufacturing industries. With this strong domain experience, the ERP solution evolved. Syscon has the right blend of Functional and Technical teams apt for an ERP software company.

Vijay Venkatesh – Co-founder and Managing Director

The biggest challenge for small and mid-size industries is this. They have all the complexities and business process requirements as same as large industries. But the only constraint is their ability to invest and wait for a long time for implementation. This delay in implementation will force their team to lose interest in the ERP project. Their limited budget will force them to settle down for using a limited portion of the large ERPs. In such a situation, the ERP will be of no use to the business.

The way to end this menace is COTS ERP system.

Given this backdrop, I strongly believe that like in Cars, it can be a global brand. But the product design has to conform to local laws, climate, and road conditions. We can’t bring a left-hand wheel car and drive in India.

The same goes with the ERP systems too. Irrespective of a global or local brand,  the solutions have to be 100% regional compliance for business processes and statutory needs.  Only then the cost and rollout time can be controlled. This is important for the success of ERP and achieving ROI.

Our Vision:

  • Plug & Play COTS manufacturing ERP system
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Easy to adapt
  • Shorter implementation cycle
  • Assured long-term support
  • The single code base for all customers

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