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Manufacturing ERP system is one of the most complex business applications connecting various business functions of the manufacturing industry. These business functions are as follows:

  • Sales and Distribution
  • Purchase and Inventory
  • Accounting (Accounts Payables / Receivables, GL, GST, Trial Balance, P&L, and Balance sheet)
  • Planning
  • Production
  • Quality Control
  • Plant Maintenance

Many ERP systems are more complex and very costly. This is a big barrier for professionals to learn and many small and mid-size Industries cannot afford the cost and find it difficult to implement due to its complexity.

Students and Industry Professionals:

Many of the manufacturing ERP systems are too large, hence it gets too complex to learn. Syscon Cronus ERP is simple yet comprehensive. 

The benefit will be to upgrade the skills of the students and professionals in all business functions of the ERP system. This will improve the employment opportunities for the students and upgrade skills for the professionals.

This will also help the software developers to understand the business process of the ERP system to develop their insights. Syscon Cronus ERP has over 100 use cases. But for the purpose of initial training, we are offering a few of the major use cases. 

The students and professionals can get employment assistance (not a job guarantee), and freelancing for Pre-sale, Sale, implementation, and post-implementation support.

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S. Vijay Venkatesh

Author S. Vijay Venkatesh

The author of this article S, Vijay Venkatesh is the MD and CEO of Syscon Solutions. He has put togethar over 4 decades of Manufacturing Industry & ERP experience. At Syscon he has handled over 150 ERP implementations for various verticals manufacturing industries.

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