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Global ERPs:

Look at this article to know why Global ERPs are not suitable and get too costly for Regional Industries.

Solution cost: Global ERPs have many features and configurations to take care of a large canvas of business requirements to cover global needs. A regional industry has to pay for such a large ERP system and put up with its complexity and end up using only 30% – 40% of its features.

Customisation cost : The other cost and complexity are this. Global ERPs workflow and statutory compliance also need a huge effort of customisation. This also adds to the Cost and time.

Training Cost: Sheer size of Global ERPs (SAP alternative) requires extensive configuration and Training. So when a trained user leaves the job or to orient a new user it takes considerable time and cost.

Implementation time frame:

Global ERPs take a longer time to implement. Many SMBs and even large enterprises will get tired of such time frames. The users are put under too much stress for the parallel run.

Many ERP vendors claim that their system can be deployed in a couple of months; However, this implementation scenario may not apply to your organization. Most ERP implementations take, on an average, 21 months. With that in mind, it is important for you to find out how much time other companies in your industry and of your size invest in their ERP initiatives and then arrive at an idealistic number, says,

Traditional SAP integration can take 9 to 12 months, but enosix no-code solutions can get your integration completed in as little as a day says

AMC cost: The AMC cost is also very huge.

No ROI: Many of the Global ERP projects are shelved or run with partial implementation due to time and cost overrun. Unless ERP projects see Return on Investment (ROI) within 1 year, the SMBs and even large enterprises will not be in a position to bear the cost of the ERP system.

Syscon Cronus – ERP : When it comes to Manufacturing industries in India we offer an affordable, ready-to-use ERP system that the companies can go live within 4 to 6 weeks. We are one of the Top 10 ERPs for manufacturing Industries.

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S. Vijay Venkatesh

Author S. Vijay Venkatesh

The author of this article S, Vijay Venkatesh is the MD and CEO of Syscon Solutions. He has put togethar over 4 decades of Manufacturing Industry & ERP experience. At Syscon he has handled over 150 ERP implementations for various verticals manufacturing industries.

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