ERP success for the manufacturing Industries is very tricky. It requires many intricate business process for Sales, Inventory, Sub Contract, Job work, BOM, Batch and Process and Quality control.

Top level ERP success criteria:

– Ready to use ERP system ( All features ready as per the business requirement)
– Cost including ( License, Hosting, Implementation, Customisation and AMC etc.,) of solution that fits the pocket of your company. ERP with no Return on Investment has no purpose.
– Time for implementation – this is the combination of the readiness of the ERP system as well as prepared users to adopt the standard solution with less or no customisation)

Tips for ERP success – Approach and Implementation:

– Be ready with your process requirements
– Take a collective demo with all key users
– Go for a trial ( make sure all your requirements are well covered)
– User commitment is essential
– Keep all the master data ready
– Small companies with less than 15 users can go for cloud model
– Take user training
– Migrate opening balance
– go-live

If you are on a wrong ERP system, don’t hesitate to explore the alternate system.

As we all know, 1st April is a good time to go-live on the new ERP system. ERP success will determine the health of the enterprise. This has be kept in mind right from the CEO to the all end-users.

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