Is your enterprise Digitally ready for post COVID 19?

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Digital readiness is a “Must to have” than “Nice to have”. It is more important now than ever before. Post COVID-19, the work environments are going to be completely different. Only the essential work force who are required to move the physical goods like Security, logistics, production, quality and plant maintenance etc., needed in the work area. The company has…

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New or Alternate ERP ! Use this lock-down time smartly

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We all know this a challenging situation for all Humans in the globe. Both the business and personal lives are affected. Manufacturing industries are realising the need for accessing real-time data than ever before. Real-time data is a key to take proactive and corrective action without loosing time. To male this happen ERP will be a essential tool. As we…

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How a feature rich & affordable ERP makes it risk free?

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As you know, a good ERP that is  well implemented, can solve many problems in your Enterprise.  But, when we think of an ERP system, many questions that crosses our mind. Does it have all the features that we need? Is it affordable? How long it takes for implementation? How about the support? Are the ERP vendor reputed? Will my team can…

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ERP success for manufacturing indutries

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ERP success for the manufacturing Industries is very tricky. It requires many intricate business process for Sales, Inventory, Sub Contract, Job work, BOM, Batch and Process and Quality control. Top level ERP success criteria: – Ready to use ERP system ( All features ready as per the business requirement) – Cost including ( License, Hosting, Implementation, Customisation and AMC etc.,) of solution…

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ERP Master Strokes – Implementation Tips

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ERP Implementation tips: ERP forms a data foundation for the enterprise. So, without a right and properly implemented ERP, the enterprise is always shaky. ERP is not a IT project. It is a Cultural project. Without an ERP system, the enterprise runs on approximation and assumptions. This slowly takes the enterprise into sickness. ERP is more than 30 year old…

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Keep it (ERP) stupid simple.

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I am upset out of my concern for the Manufacturing MSMEs in India, not otherwise. The idea is to share tips of making an ERP project simple & successful for the #MSMEs. When I came across the concept KISS – Keep it simple, stupid (called KISS – principle), I felt why MSMEs should not adopt this for their ERP implementation. How MSMEs…

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Smart ERP back office for Auditors (CAs)

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For a very long time now, the Manufacturing MSMEs in India on the data front has been working with approximation in the absence of  proper IT solution. GST is compelling the Manufacturing Industry to build a transparent, accurate transaction data on a daily basis for the compliance. The other challenge is that the Manufacturing MSMEs does not have access for the professional…

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