Digital readiness is a “Must to have” than “Nice to have”. It is more important now than ever before.

Post COVID-19, the work environments are going to be completely different. Only the essential work force who are required to move the physical goods like Security, logistics, production, quality and plant maintenance etc., needed in the work area. The company has to take care of the pre-cautions properly for the people who are expected to come to the units. So the enterprises need to decide the people based on their nature of work.

Please take at look at this video of Mahindra Manufacturing unit. This shows as to how the manufacturing units has to be ready after the COVID 19 when they resumed their production.

Also please look at this video on how TCS is planning for work-from-home in a staggered manner within next 5 years of time. This process may also be followed by many companies to save cost, time as well as better safety for their employees.

From this point of view of maintaining strict social distancing, almost all the white collared and administrative folks can work-from-home. Lesser the people in the work area is better for the organisation.

All of you must have noticed that on a daily basis there are many meetings are taking place by Governments and Large corporate on-line. Many proactive medium and large enterprises with over 9000 employees have opted for work-from-home and perfectly maintained their service level for their customers with in 3-4 days of lock-down. These are classic exampes of digital readiness.

This is where the deployment of proper IT system and other allied IT tools becomes essential for the team to collaborate and work. For example tools like ERP, Whats app, zoom,Slack etc., to enable them to work more collaboratively virtually. Even the Suppliers and Customers interactions can happen over these tools more effectively. The white collared work force has to trained well on these tools for a friction free flow of information, actions, effective control and timely corrective measures.

Please do not allow for situation to get worse in your enterprise. Roll-up your sleeves and put proper IT systems in place to protect your enterprise post COVID 19.

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